Steam Boilers

To fulfill the demands of the associated customers, we are providing heavy duty boilers to different industrial sectors. The physical and chemical properties and advantages of these products make their demand rise.

Thermic Fluid Heater

We are providing thermic fluid heaters to the customers. These are basically heating equipment with efficient performance and are used for industrial purpose. These cost-effective heaters use oil as a heating medium.

Burners Spare

We provide the burners spare parts to the clients. These are the interchangeable parts of the industrial use burners, which are devices for mixing fuel and air to facilitate the combustion process.


IBR Boiler Mountings & Accessories

Boiler valve mounting accessories that are installed for providing safety to the boilers. Their installation leads to an efficient operation and smooth functioning capability.

We provide high quality and professional gas line spares to the clients, which are used in a range of sectors including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, homes, banquets and many more.

RO plant

We have brought water treatment plant, which is basically installed for treating the wastewater via different procedures and methods. The plant implicitly discourages wastage of water.

Boiler Sand & Furnase Materials

Bir pipes refer to Indian Boiler Regulations pipes, which are known in the market due to their versatile usage and great strength advantages. The pipes possess admirable tensile strength.

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